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How To…Raised Beds

Concrete Block Raised Beds


Hollow concrete blocks

Sand and cement

Reinforcing rods


Spirit level


Gloves – blocks have really rough edges!

Lump hammer

Cement mixer or trug and mixing drill bit


IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3323


1. Plan block lay out, accounting for corners etc.

2. Dig trench slightly wider (approx. 5cm) than block width and approx 5cms deep.

3. Level ground in trench and fill with cement one section (or just over block length) at a time

4. Lay first block and ensure 100% level in all directions otherwise whole wall wont be straight!

5. Let first block start to ‘go off’ so stable before continuing to lay first layer with no gaps.

6. Before cement sets, insert reinforcing rods through alternate holes using lump hammer to go through cement into ground at least 20-30cms until stable (making sure it will be covered by cement by approx 5cms at the top) and fill holes with cement up to about halfway

7. Leave to set overnight at least.

8. Start second layer with half block to make brick pattern, and then fill with cement if this is to be the final layer. If not, lay layers until complete then fill with cement and level off neatly on top.

9. Either finish tops with some kind of coping stone, timber, or render, depending on height and use. We wanted to be able to sit on them, so have made them bench height and rendered ready to paint.

10. Add a cushion for comfort! Though we did plan in a more comfy built-in timber sleeper bench that still needs finishing…



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