Food / Gluten Free / Vegetarian

Gluten Free Pasties

Given we can’t call them Cornish, that they don’t contain meat and they are gluten free, we are taking a bit of a liberty…

Gluten Free Pastry – makes 4-6
1 egg beaten (for pastry glue and egg wash)
Selection of grated root veg – Today I used a carrot, parsnip, swede, potato
Sliced leek
Finely diced onion
2 tbspn dried soya mince
mixed herbs
1tsp marmite
1 dspn ketchup
salt and pepper

Hydrate soya mince in a jug with the marmite and some mixed herbs reserving some liquid for the mixture (1-2 tabspns).

Grate veg and mix with leek, onion, seasonings and hydrated soya mince.

Separate pastry into required number of pasties.  roll out rounds, place a spoon of filling into the centre and wash one half of round edge with egg.  fold the pastry over to make a pasty (a fish-slice might be helpful here) and ‘crimp’ the edges with your fingers to stick them together.  use the fish-slice to help you move them onto a greased baking sheet,  wash with egg and bake at 150c for about 1 hour.


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