Garden News

Is it Spring?

What a beautiful spring-like day 🙂 We even took our coats off!

It meant we could get into the garden to have a bit of a tidy up and spring clean the greenhouse ready for sowing this week. Mice seem to have taken up residence in the over-wintering plant pots and nested in the straw bales, hopefully with all the noise and sweeping they’ll vacate soon.

Its lovely to see the birds happily trucking round in the sun, even the long-tailed tits are happy to feed with us watching them. A little blue tit is checking out a new house we put up a couple of weeks ago and a woodpecker keeps visiting but never when I have my camera of course!

We also moved a gooseberry bush to where we found red ones in the orchard to make a bit more room for the redcurrant in the fruit cage, sorted all the seed packets to see what we need to buy in, tidied the gardening sheds, fed the wild birds, dug up the remaining veg from the patch and weeded the front garden.

A very lovely productive day 🙂


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