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Getting THAT job done…

THAT job we must do before spring…

I have been looking at this mess since November (if not before quite frankly, but it is an autumn job to do something about it)…hearing how good compost is for the mulching the veg patch; remembering how it protects the soil over the winter from wind erosion; how the worms dig it in for you and imagining how wonderful the soil will be in the spring…I never got to it, I avoided and procrastinated…Until today!

We are Cold Composting, so we have 4 bays that all the veg scraps, leaves, card and chicken bedding goes on and sits until it makes beautiful smelling soil improver.  We take care to layer green and brown material where we can, but the composting would happen much quicker and more completely (due to better composition and heat) if I took the time to turn it regularly…and it wouldn’t get in this mess.  But as you can see, there is good compost under there despite my neglect…

compost heapsCompost Layers

The ducks and chickens had a lovely scavenge for slugs from a board holding the compost in, which was great as not only does it reduce our garden’s ‘slug load’ but otherwise they are under the spade as we dig; thankfully we are well used to this and there were no casualties.

IMAG0451 IMAG0446

Sylvia and Margot the Chickens, with (L-R) Angel, white Ella (Or Edward??? – long story), Amelia, Nina and magpie Peter.

Now we have turned heaps, and some nice quality, free, soil conditioning compost ready to lay on and dig in the newly extended fruit and veg patch – nice  🙂

IMAG0456tidier heaps

The other job that needed doing today was very satisfying and one of the marks of the growing year starting – planting those first seeds.

After clearing out the green house and washing all the pots to eradicate spores and bacteria from last year, we have planted Broad Beans, Tomatoes (3 types – Marmande, Harbinger and Tigerella) , Chard, Aubergines, Artichokes, Kale, Okra, Lettuce, Cabbage, Squashes (Harlequin, Crown Prince) , Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Cucumbers.  We are trying again with succession planting, so planting a few regularly is the key for things like lettuce and cabbage; basically veg that we can’t store but that is used all through the year.  Now we just need to remember to plant some more, and of course, water what we have planted…hmmm

seed planting

seed planting


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