She’s not a boy!




Ella Fitzgerald

We’ve had suspicions that our new duck, Ella, was a drake! Angel,  our previous female to male discovery, has been fighting Ella as she was er.. playing around with the other girls.  We thought yet again we had been given a male by accident.  As Call Ducks are hard to find around these parts, and it’s a 4 hour round trip to our nearest reputable breeder, we were very relieved when she began laying eggs…


Easter Egg Hunt

We now have all three laying clusters of eggs all over the garden; Easter Egg Hunt! We found a stash of 12 under the Pampass grass, and under various bushes and now have enough to sell.  Shame they are not chocolate…anyone want some to make Easter cakes?!




2 thoughts on “She’s not a boy!

  1. Our Welsh Harlequins is the master of nest hiding. Those egg hunts are fun and frustrating at the same time.

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