Hello from Mel and Melissa…the Mels of Mels Farm

We are into year 4 of Mels Farm…so let’s catch you up on the goings on…

So, what are we up to?

We believe it’s got to be fresh, sustainable, beautiful and ethical. We are trying to live a more simple life, with homegrown vegetarian food and sustainable living.  We are working towards our own smallholding that pays its own way.  We hope to share what we have learned and entertain you in the process! There’s diaries, recipes and practical tips, from which we hope to inspire you and save you some time by learning from our mistakes! We are striving to make the house and garden, full of beautiful flowers, fruit and vegetables, a healthy environment for us and the animals we share it with…

We hope that this blog will be a source of information and discussion on all things natural and ethical, so we can help each other reach our goal of a more simple life 🙂 We’d love you to comment and share your knowledge and ideas with us, including constructive criticisms!

Wishing you ‘Simply, a good life’ 🙂

All opinions are ours and photographs, images and logos are copywrite to Mels Farm


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